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by BANG! Website Design • July 10, 2015
You have invested a lot of time, effort and dollars into developing an effective, high-quality, responsive website (you do have a responsive website right? If not click here.), but how effective is your website, really? Without good data to look at - who's to say! The company that hosts your site should be providing a regular report of activity on your website. Google and Bing! search engines also allow you to access the data they collect on every aspect of your website's internet activity - this is called Web analytics data. Of course having  the data and understanding the data are two very different things. At BANG! Web Site Design, we specialize in interpreting this data and providing you with a roadmap to increase your website's performance and effectiveness.

If you own a website, you have probably viewed a web analytics report to see how your website is performing. More than likely, you came away with more questions than answers. This is not unusual, because the industry has evolved very quickly and created its own language. If you are not fluent in Web Analytics, you are likely to miss important information that can be of great assistance in improving the effectiveness of your website, and its ranking in the search engines.

Web Analytics Decoded:

We have over 19 years of experience interpreting this data for our customers, and thereby helping to maintain or improve the effectiveness and rankings of their websites. Can you answer these questions?
  1. How long does it take your website's home page to load up when someone clicks on the link? And, why is that important?
  2. What pages are site visitors looking at the most?
  3. How long do people stay on your website's various pages? Moreover, how can you improve that number?
  4. What is your bounce rate? Do you know what bounce rate means?
  5. Where are the people originating from who visit your site? If you are focused on the local Phoenix market, and you have numerous visits from Russia and China, what does that mean?
  6. Are your Keywords or Keyword phrases effective? Probably the most important question you could ask and the most difficult information to obtain since Google's shift to hiding this information from website owners but, we still know how to get it!

What Is Next?

If you have a serious question about your health, you discuss it with your doctor - not an electrician. Likewise, if you had any difficulty answering any of the above questions, then you are definitely not fluent in Web analytics, and need an expert's help to know how your website is truly performing for your business. 

We will take all of the available information about your website, we will break that information down for you, and provide you with a roadmap to increased traffic, higher rankings in the search engines, and ultimately hitting your website goals for sales or lead generation. At BANG! Web Site Design in Phoenix AZ, we take great pride in our many years of excellence - helping our customers receive the most benefit from their website investment. Call us at 602-427-5626 or click today to find out how BANG! Web Site Design can help you fine-tune your website, increasing your ROI significantly.

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