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As a contractor, your website is often the first point of contact for customers and an opportunity to showcase your work projects to grab their attention. At BANG! we have over 25  years of experience building websites for contractors and we have the team to help you not only look good, but rank at the top of the Google results as well. See the contractor website projects below to see how we've helped other construction companies including Phoenix home inspectors, general contractors, hardwood flooring companies, handymen, garage door repair company's and plumbers build a solid Web presence and lead generation machine with our SEO for Contractors campaigns.
Phoenix garage door installation, and repair company, Loves Garage Doors has an interesting history with BANG!. We built his website & started our monthly SEO services but they were lured away by a smooth talking salesman before we could get them at the top of the search results. Next they tried a Google Ads campaign which failed to get their phone to ring.

Nine months later when their rankings actually declined with the other firm they are back and with a larger budget so we can finish what we started which was getting them to the top of the search results and the prospective client's flowing in for garage door repair work.

We are pleased to have them back to finish what we started.

Arizona Hardwood Floor and Supply is the Phoenix Hardwood Floors specialist. With multiple retail locations and a dedicated installation crew they provide both residential and commercial hardwood flooring including sports courts such as the Grand Canyon University basketball floor. is on it's 3rd redesign and is one of our most highly ranked SEO clients with more than two dozen keyword phrases on page one of Google's results.

Their gorgeous flooring makes it easy to create a beautiful website.

Handyman Solution in Phoenix provides a wide variety of handyman services including general carpentry, deck work, painting, stucco and drywall repair, to kitchen remodeling.

Our goal with the website was to create a clean site that very quickly visually represented the type of work they do to homepage visitors. While not a monthly SEO client, our initial keyword research, structuring of the site and copywriting drives plenty of targeted traffic from Valley homeowners that need help with a repair.

While this site uses an older framework and layout, we are still quite proud of the site as it achieved our, and more importantly, the client's goals.

It's easy to make a beautiful website when you've got great product images to work with. Such was the case with the Southwest Window Fashions website.

You'll note we used their photos full screen on the homepage slideshow to showcase their beautiful and wide variety of window coverings.

Built for expansion, it's easy to add new types of draperies as time and budget allows.

Apple Plumbing Services, a Scottsdale Plumber, wasn't our typical client. She actually had experience building websites for other companies before building her own. Yet, her plumbing services website wasn't getting the results she wanted, both in search rankings and business generated. She had designed the site herself at the largest DIY website building company and domain registrar who happens to be in Scottsdale (you probably know who we mean...) and Google just didn't like it.

We went back to the basics, conducted keyword research to find out exactly how her customers were searching for plumbing services, and then structured the site to be found. Since this was already a domain with lots of history the sites rankings improved within the first two weeks, and continued to climb as we continued a content marketing and a Monthly SEO Campaign geared to produce results.

Six months after launch Joni shared with us that her sales had increased 440% due to the new website and our SEO campaign.


MBH LLC, a Phoenix based home builder came to BANG! to build out his website as he built homes and his business. His yard signs prominently feature his website address and drive interested customers to the website for more information.

Site visitors can see both available floor plans and finished photos of completed homes.

We built the site with an "Arizona Theme" since at this time they are only building homes in the Phoenix area and the finished website solidifies his image as a local builder.

As a contractor, you need your phone to ring. Not just today, but tomorrow, next week, and the month after. A solid website and an SEO for contractors strategy to position you at the top of the search results can be the difference between feast or famine. If you area ready to learn how BANG! can help grow your business, click the Schedule a Free Consult button below to get the process started.

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