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Are you looking for the absolute best website design services in and around Phoenix, Arizona? Look no further and congratulations because you have just come to the right place!  BANG! is an award winning agency providing the following Web Design Services for Phoenix and surrounding communities including Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, & Tempe, AZ. Click on a service below to learn more.

Phoenix Web Design Services

Web design services can be broken down into at least 4 main categories. Let's go over the services a bit below:

What is included in website design services? Professional website design services include...

  • Deciding which pages your site needs to educate and inform your prospective customers of the products and/or services you offer
  • Setting the navigational structure, which determines the order web pages will be presented to the site visitor through the navigation menus
  • Choosing a template or what we refer to as a layout to use for the site to provide the best user experience for your site visitors
  • Identify the site's correct design or look for your unique brand or business. Some would call this the brand or branding.
  • What forms will be required on the site? Something standard like contact us, or would unique forms be required, such as a RFQ that might allow documents to be uploaded through it?


The complete website designing process also includes decisions on...

What colors to use. It's actually quite amazing when you think about all the different components of the site that need a color assigned. Just a few include the background, the H1 or main headline, H2, H3, H4, etc. which are all sub-headlines and they may all be a different color. In fact sometimes we'll set the font size the same and use the HX to change the color of the headline. Button colors need to be chosen, including what they look like when clicked or merely hovered over by the user. In many cases, it's these subtle design elements that lead to an excellent experience for your website visitors. Our attention to detail is a huge factor in companies not only choosing BANG!, but staying with us an average of over 7 years.

Font choices. Years ago, we had a handful to choose from that we could reliably count on the end users. Today we can choose from so many fonts it can blow your mind just looking at the slight variations from one font to another.

Content Development should be part of your professional website design and will include decisions on...

  • Stock images and graphics to be chosen for the site
  • Photos may need to be taken, preferably by a professional, if you want your people, or products to be represented visually on the site.
  • On some sites, video production may be required if you would like to cater to the site visitors that would rather watch a video (a growing number of people) than read a lot of copy to learn what your business does.
  • Copywriting is often executed by a copywriter on the web design company staff, especially if the website’s ranking is a concern. A website showing up on the First page of search results doesn't happen by accident.


Responsive Web Design


Every website design discussion must include an efficient strategy for mobile users visiting the site with mobile devices, including smartphones or tablets, not just laptops and desktop computers. Google recommends, and it is an industry best practice, to use a responsive web design technique that, regardless of the screen size of the mobile device, the display of the website is optimized for it. Responsive design essentially breaks the display of the site into multiple tiers of widths, and in most cases, this provides a great experience, and users only need vertical scrolling to see the whole page. Scrolling in both directions is a big no-no and ruins a web page's quality for your audience. Make sure the web design team you choose uses responsive web design on your project.

For a true pro, our work isn't done until usability testing takes place to make sure site visitors can easily and successfully navigate the site and find what they are looking for. At BANG! we have an extensive checklist we carefully follow before your brand-new website is published to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. After all, the website we build for you will likely be your company's most publicly visible representation.

Need a hand with your SEO?I've left out many of the SEO-related services BANG! has available to our clients. More information on these services can be found on our Phoenix SEO Services page but would include things like determining the correct high-value keywords for the site that your prospect searches for. As an example, did you know that website design is searched for over twice as often as website development? Best practices and lots of strategy can help you rank well on Google, drive lots of traffic to the site and take market share away from your competition. Let's chat about this very worthwhile investment if your expect your website to produce any revenue.

One other thought for you about website design services. As a leading web design agency since 1996, we've helped many companies with their Internet business presence. Often that discussion has started with, "I am having a hard time contacting or communicating with my web design agency," or "The web designers that I hired have left the country." It's sad, but if you aren't working with a full-service digital marketing agency with a team of web designers, you run the risk of getting left high and dry down the road. The web guy or gal who took up web design because they couldn't get another job often wind up abandoning their client's when the economy improves, and they can go back to a "real job," as their mothers would say. The company you choose for your digital marketing services, such as web design and social media, can have a long-term impact. We recommend choosing a company with at least a five-year track record as companies younger than that have a 50% failure rate.


Custom Website Design and Website Development Catered to Your Business

Why do I need a custom website? As long as you can be 100% comfortable when your competitor a few blocks away chooses the same website design template as you, you don't. On the other hand, if that would keep you up at night or have you grinding your teeth in anger, let's talk about what custom website design really means.

We will start by separating custom website design from custom website development. While they may sound like the same thing to you, they are two different things to us.

Design services in our world refer to how the site looks. Visual elements like colors, layout, fonts, pictures, etc.

Website Development Coding

Development services,
on the other hand, refer to the code and how the site is put together and works. On some projects, such as a lead generation website where the goal is a conversion from a website visitor to a customer, development is going to be minimal. A simple contact us request form that asks for their name, email, and phone number may be all you need. On the other hand, an online store for consumers with eCommerce shopping leading to sales is going to be very heavy on the development side. Lots of back-end code, connecting an enterprise-level database to securely store and encrypt orders, handling credit card transactions, a shipping calculator, tax collection, etc., take a website to a whole other level and requires lots of expertise. You'll need a way to adjust product pricing, include color or size options, and other eCommerce functionality to really rake in the profits. 


Website Redesign Services

Redesigning an existing website is, in some ways, easier, but in other ways, harder than building a website for a new startup, or at least there are more things to make sure get done before the site goes live. It's easier in the respect that, as a Web designer, you have a common point of reference while working with the client. You can discuss goals that perhaps the last website didn't accomplish. You can decide what website features were missing last time and ensure they get added during the redesign process. That makes things easier.

The challenge in a website redesign is while many of the tasks improve on the old site, they'll also break existing URL's which causes issues for any other website that has linked to yours, and Google won't be "happy" when all the pages they've been indexing are suddenly gone. Done incorrectly, a redesign can set you back months or more in your Search Engine Optimization. The solution to this is to redirect any old URL's to the new site URL's. This provides a seamless transition for anyone who in the past, has bookmarked your pages. Google gets sent to the new page with "instructions" that this is the new replacement page, and in general, everyone is happier. Be certain your web design team creates those redirects before the website launches.

Website Development

We touched on this earlier and have a page on our site regarding website development services where you can learn more. But the short answer is web development deals more with the code, the nuts, and bolts holding a website together, rather than the appearance of the site. The web design cost is greatly affected by the amount of development work on the site and can be 20 to 50 times greater than the cost of web design pricing. We get a chuckle when a prospective client wants to recreate Facebook on a couple of thousand dollars budget. They are shocked when we tell them to add a couple of zeros to the end of that budget if they really want to create something of that magnitude.

Hopefully, we've answered your question: What services do web designers offer? If not, please reach out to our internet marketing team using our contact form, and someone from our team will get back to you promptly.

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