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"440% growth in sales in 6 months!" Joni, Apple Plumbing

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Internet Marketing Services

We can increase your online visibility, explode sales and help recruit new staff.

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Get a positive ROI from Internet Marketing

One client, a local plumbing contractor, increased their sales by 440% in just six months using our SEO and web design services.

A professional website design plus BANG!'s SEO services gets results. Our ability to bring a steady stream of prospective buyers to your site, introduce them to your product or service, and help convert them into customers is an impressive thing and a testament to our incredible design skills.

  • Experienced: Helping client's win at Internet Marketing since 1996, you won't find a full-service internet marketing company with more knowledge of web design and digital projects
  • Customer Service: Can't get your current website designer on the phone? They still in business? We answer our phones and return calls promptly. Online scheduling is available to book appointments.
  • Secure and Easy to Use CMS (Content Management System): You'll be able to edit web content yourself. Not only is our CMS easier to use than WordPress, but it also has a much better security record. Of course, we can take care of any website maintenance or updates for you if you would like.
  • One-Stop-Shop: From domains to design and content development to hosting, we'll handle all of your website design service needs.
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Websites That Work!

Our "SEO First" approach to website design will drive more traffic to your website. We guarantee it.

Are you ready to experience the BANG! Web Site Design approach to online success?

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Design | Development | Deploy | Dominate

Today it takes more than just a great looking website to succeed on-line. Our Web projects go through these four steps. We call it our 4D Approach, and our team of Phoenix Web Designers and Web Developers uses this process when building a new company website.


Analysis of your target customer. Do you target small or medium-size businesses or consumers? What are they looking for? What keyword phrases do they use in searching for your product or service? What are their demographics? What are the fundamental problems they are searching for solutions for? Only after we have the answers to these questions do we develop a design concept that will grab their attention, answer their questions, and point to you as the solution to their needs. I should also add that we provide custom website design, not generic template solutions, to achieve your goals.

Phoenix Website Design


After a Responsive Web Design has been approved our development team will start on web development for the site. Professional Web developers will take the initial design concept and turn it into optimized Web pages, tuned to rank well for the chosen keyword phrases. Features like random client testimonials keep the site interesting to visitors and provide ever changing content for the search engines to index. Our website build process includes installation of our secure and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) giving you the ability to make updates to the site 24/7.

Phoenix Web Development


Once the finished site is approved by you we'll take care of the Web hosting and deploy it on our Web servers. Don't worry, your website will never be off-line, your old site will simply be replaced by your new powerful design. You'll never be in the awkward position of having a Web designer and a hosting company pointing their fingers at each other when something goes wrong. We ARE the designer AND host so if any issues arise, we'll take care of it. It's all our responsibility and our every 5 minute site monitoring makes sure we are alerted quickly to any potential hosting issues. Our low number of sites to a server assures fast loading sites which decreases bounce rates and increases search rankings without blowing your budget on a dedicated server.

Website Hosting - Web Servers


Now that your site is live we can go to work on dominating your competition. Our SEO and PPC campaigns will ensure a steady flow of prospective customers to your site when they perform key word searches. Content marketing including blog posts, article publishing, and video marketing which all work together to make your site highly visible to prospects and the search engines.

Our service focus provides legendary experience when it comes to supporting your high performance marketing websites. Everyone will need help at some point and we will be there for your company's needs. If your office manager wants some helping adding a new city to the locations page, or your president simply wants to talk about a lot of great ideas he has been thinking about, we are there for you. We even have a strategic sales support communication monthly with our clients via email.

SEO and Internet Marketing Domination

As an Arizona Website Designer we get asked...

What is our specialty? RESULTS! We have a proven track record of getting our clients ranked highly in the search results, regardless of what industry they are in or size of the company's revenue. Then we deliver a steady stream of prospects to our clients, increasing sales and growing their business.

How many years of web design experience do you have? 25 years and counting and even though we are a small independent team, as a top digital marketing agency we are constantly exploring new approaches to effective marketing solutions so we can take care of all of your digital marketing services needs.

What type of Phoenix businesses do you build websites for? We have a wide range of client's including accountants, adventure tour companies, attorney's, car buying brokers, commercial cleaning companies, contractors, plumbers, veterinarians and virtual office's. We'd like to add an automotive parts company, a computer software company, a personal development coach, and a medical facility to this list as well.

A few reviews our client's have shared...

Searching for a local Phoenix Website Developer?

Congratulations you've found an experienced Phoenix web development team that not only creates beautiful web designs, our design process will result in a complete new look tailored to your company's needs. Our no pressure sales process will get you the biggest BANG! for your buck (pun intended). We are your web consultants and will bring lots of great ideas to the table so you don't need an advertising agency to find a solution for Internet marketing success. Building a new website should be an enjoyable experience and we'll be here to support you both during the development and after your new site goes live.

First Impressions

You've got just seconds to make a great first impression with your website by meeting your prospective customer's expectations.

Regardless of the type of website you have, important factors making the site easy to use include...

Web Design Phoenix - Mythical Digital Bird
  • Maintaining corporate branding so all of your marketing materials have a similar look and feel
  • Having the company logo in the top corner, linked to the homepage
  • Phone numbers in the header so website mobile visitors can make a direct phone call to you
  • Social Media icons that allow visitors to explore your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Navigation buttons or links that are clear, user-friendly and easy to use
  • Use of responsive design so end users and folks on mobile devices have a great experience
  • Images to tell your story and keep users engaged visually
  • Videos are a plus and tends to result in higher engagement with more time spent interacting with the site
  • And of course, a clear call to action (CTA) for conversion optimization. Best practices for us would be to use a contact us form vs publishing email addresses that will be scraped by spammers.
  • Strong brands don't happen by accident, just ask the "big brands" they've had to work at it too. Next time you look at your website we want you to be proud of what you see.
  • These are all important factors in having a functional website that will produce results and should be your bare minimum expectation for the finished product. Remember, the main goal of a website is to lead to a sale. Either through lead generation or direct sales through an e-commerce site.

Need Something Custom?

What if I need something different than everyone else? Not just the common types of websites. Good question, and the answer is our professional designers are website solutions experts and can program something special for you during the development of the site to achieve your vision. We'll provide plenty of development options. We couldn't call ourselves a full service web design company if we didn't use our best efforts to give you exactly what you need. Complex requirements for custom website design don't scare us. We can tailor make custom Phoenix Web Design Packages for you that include web design, development, SEO, digital marketing and hosting. We love to innovate features on a website to give our Phoenix clients a unique website that they can truly call their own.

Google Mobile First Indexing and Responsive Design

Google Mobile First Indexing - Responsive Web Design

The main goal of a mobile optimized website is to optimize the user experience when viewing the site on a smaller size screen like those found on smartphones. One avenue and a great way, preferred by Google and utilized by our experienced Phoenix web designers, is to use responsive web design. This makes the whole site mobile friendly regardless of the screen size and delivers a great experience for the site visitor regardless of whether they are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It also means you can easily edit the site using the content management system, and know that it will work for everyone.

Since Google now determines your search rankings by how the site functions (usability) and performs (think site speed) on mobile devices like handheld cell phones, mobile optimization is critical to your success. Many of our clients are getting half or more of their traffic from mobile phones.

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SEO? What's That?

First position in Google for both local and natural search results

Attractive websites that are mobile friendly are important, but don't worry, as a Phoenix SEO Company, we build SEO friendly, Search Engine Optimized sites that rank on the first page of Google's natural or organic search results too.

Using a proven SEO data driven approach we will place you on the first search page of Google search results.

The BANG! SEO team, like many local marketing agencies, implements local SEO strategies for businesses that want found for keyword searches such as "veterinarian near me". These top local searches are especially critical for brick and mortar locations like a restaurant or businesses with their own retail store location that counts on walk in traffic. Our local SEO services will literally "put you on the map".

Our search engine optimization process and SEO methods include optimization of...

  • Proper title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • H1 (headlines on the page, using the keyword phrases in the right spots)
  • Body copy, written by one of our in-house content writers
  • External and internal links
  • Respective pages to make sure keyword cannibalization is not occurring

Additionally, photos and images must be optimized for size and alt text added for both Google and to comply with ADA accessibility guidelines. Would you like to talk with our SEO Senior Consultant?

Project Management

Website Project Management Process

Once you've approved our comprehensive estimate, have signed our website contract and payment is squared away we'll start on the development of the website. Our project management communication is excellent and handled primarily through email and Zoom meetings by your dedicated project director. We've found this to be the most effective way to work together in our collaborative effort of building your new website.

Most days we'll respond to your questions within hours, not days or (gasp!) a week. We'll assist you with website content like logos, taglines, images, and if we aren't writing the content for you, we'll get Word documents from you with the website copy. A change here and there and before you know it we'll be done with the entire process and ready to go live with your new money making lead generation machine.

Our company founder, owner, President & CEO, (actually he prefers the title Chief Pixel Pusher) and lead designer, Brian Rideout brings decades of business and web design experience to the company and is hands-on. You'll be working directly with him for project management. He also sets the digital marketing strategy for our prospective clients. His knowledge of a "better way" to build a custom website, design processes and workflow avoids the risk of having your new website project fail. We know, because we've saved many projects when other web designers have failed.

Hosting & Support

Others may outsource web hosting to a 3rd party but BANG! handles this critical task in-house. This provides many benefits to you including...

Safe, Secure & Reliable Web hosting
  • Don't do business outside of the country? We'll block traffic from the bad actors in Russia, the Ukraine, and China that are constantly attacking websites.
  • By controlling which sites and how many sites go on a server we make sure a server has plenty of CPU and memory resources and doesn't get overloaded with traffic resulting in slow page loads and poor performance for your site visitors.
  • We never want our client's having an unresponsive website and our every 5 minute monitoring ensures that doesn't happen. If a problem does arise, we are notified and respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to fix the issue as quickly as possible, generally within minutes. You'll likely never know there was a problem.

We launch websites every month for our clients in the Phoenix Metro area and all cities in Arizona including Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa & Tempe Arizona.

What about marketing needs other than websites and SEO services?

Need a logo, photography, video, or social media marketing? We've got some cool cats to refer you to.
  • Our skilled professionals work with most every industry to develop a successful online presence. In particular we've helped many attorneys, and contractors with their website and search rankings on Google.
  • Preferring to be experts at what we do and knowing when to refer to others, we partner with other "cool cats" (ok people...) for logo design needs, photography, video production, and social media marketing. Just let us know what your needs are and we'll refer you to the right cat... err, person.
  • Ecommerce sites with less than a dozen products are fine, but please note we are not taking on new clients for large e-commerce development shopping cart projects at this time.
  • BANG! Web Site Design serves clients across the nation from four office locations including Phoenix Arizona and the city of Scottsdale and provides website design services and digital strategy to firms large and small across nearly all industries.
  • BANG! Web Site Design is listed in the Agency List, as a top Phoenix AZ Web Designer and proven industry leader.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we provide a positive return on your Internet marketing dollars. We want to be your full service digital ad agency.

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