Chrome's New Help Me Write Experimental AI Feature

by Brian Rideout • March 26, 2024

Google's Chrome browser now has an experimental "help me write" function. Here's how to turn it on and what you can do with it.
Chrome's Help Me Write Feature
If you've been hearing all the buzz about AI-generated content but haven't tried it yet, here's an easy, zero-cost way to give it a try. All you'll need is the latest release of Google Chrome, i.e., Version 123.0.6312.59 or later.
Search engine optimization (SEO) continuously evolves, influenced by technological advancements and strategic updates. Google Chrome's introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into its latest version marks a significant milestone, poised to reshape the SEO landscape profoundly. This integration aims to refine the user experience by making browsing more intuitive, personalized, and efficient, leveraging Google's pioneering efforts in machine learning and AI technologies.

Understanding Chrome's Experimental AI and Its Impacts

The global leading web browser has embarked on experimenting with AI to elevate the browsing experience to new heights. The experimental AI features, designed to understand user preferences and behavior deeply, include smarter search suggestions, content summarization, and improved accessibility features, among others. This endeavor builds on Google's ongoing efforts to simplify, secure, and enhance web interaction through functionalities like real-time video captions, improved site safety measures, streamlined permission prompts, and concise content summaries.

As these AI features are rolled out for testing in the U.S. on Mac and Windows platforms, they bring a fresh perspective on how SEO strategies might need to adapt. The potential impacts on SEO include enhanced prioritization of user experience, refined understanding of search intent, increased emphasis on content relevance and quality, and a shift towards more personalized search results.

Strategies for Adapting to AI-Driven SEO

To successfully navigate the AI-driven changes in SEO, businesses and SEO professionals are encouraged to focus on producing high-quality, relevant content and optimizing websites for speed, mobile usability, and intuitive navigation. Understanding audience preferences and tailoring SEO strategies accordingly will become increasingly important, as will the use of AI and machine learning tools to analyze data and predict trends.

Google's Innovations in User Experience

The release of Chrome's latest version showcases Google's commitment to enhancing the web browsing experience through AI. Features such as the tab organizer, which automatically creates tab groups based on user activity, and AI-generated browser themes allow for a more personalized and efficient browsing experience. Additionally, the upcoming AI-powered writing assistance feature demonstrates Google's initiative to support users in crafting confident online text, from reviews to formal inquiries.

Embracing the Future of SEO

Chrome's experimental AI represents not just a technological advancement but a catalyst for a shift in SEO practices. By emphasizing quality content, superior user experience, audience understanding, and the integration of AI technologies, businesses and SEO professionals can stay ahead in the ever-changing online world. As Google continues to innovate and integrate AI into Chrome, the SEO community must remain informed and adaptable, ready to leverage these changes for success in the digital ecosystem.

Read further for instructions on how to activate Google's experimental AI in Chrome:

Chrome Version 123.0.6312.59

Then follow these steps to turn it on...

Click on the 3 dot menu, then settings.

Turning On Chrome's Experimental AI in Chrome's Settings

Then on the left hand side, click on Experimental AI.

Turning On Experimental AI Help Me Write

Then enable the two top toggles to turn it on.

Enable Experimental AI in the Chrome Browser Settings

Then right click in a text area box on a web page and select Help me write.

Help Me Write Dialog

Note, if you are using our CMS (Content Management System) it will work in the Short Description area, but to enable it in the main content areas you'll need to select Source in the menu first.

Use Source Mode to Enable in the Content Areas

The first time you select it you'll get a little introduction. Just click OK to continue.

Help Me Write Introduction

After clicking OK, you'll get some instructions.

Help Me Write Instructions

Having some fun. I told Help Me Write that BANG! Web Site Design is a great company to build your website, and asked it to elaborate. It did a pretty good job of summarizing why that's true ??.

Elaborate Setting

I then made a statement about the weather in Arizona.

Sunny Arizona

I then asked it what makes a good blog post.

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

It had a lot to say about that question. 

Ok, stop reading and go turn it on in your browser. Have some fun with it. Keep in mind this is a very basic application for AI content generation. Other tools like Chat GPT go way farther in what they can do, but Help Me Write is a free tool in the browser you probably are using anyway, so why not give it a spin?


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