Website Redesign - Reason 3 Design Trends

Remember bell bottom jeans? Website design trends go through similar changes. Today you’ll find an absence of all of these at one time “current” design trends. Instead you will see very “flat design” without all those bevels and shadows.

Website Redesign - Reason 2 Resolution

Visitors viewing your website on a desktop computer today have much higher resolutions than what your website was designed for. Learn more and take a look at a few example sites using high resolution to it's fullest.

Website Redesign - Reason 1 Mobile Friendly

Because more people are viewing your website on their phone than their computer. For many business owners this is old news. You’ve used a smartphone for years and know how productive it makes you and how easy it is to research any topic. Because Google now uses how your website performs on a mobile device to decide how to rank your site in the search engines a mobile friendly site is now a requirement for great rankings.

What is SEO and Why do I need it?

If you've ever wondered what SEO is all about and why it was necessary, this blog post will give you some insight into why it's necessary and why text is more important than images.

Website Development Using HTTPS

Using HTTPS for your Website Development? If you are not, you should be! Google is telling us not once, but twice that websites should be hosted using HTTPS...

Website Designers - Avoid WordPress

WordPress while being very popular has a long history of security vulnerabilities. The REST API vulnerability which is actively being exploited in early February is just the latest.

Website Design - Mockup the Homepage

Getting the homepage design right and approved by the client is a critical step in the website design and development process. Here is how we handled a recent website project for a gated community development.