Website and Email Support for BANG! Client's

For support requests visit where you can access our knowledge base. If you can't find an answer to your question or concern there please login or register and submit a ticket request here (login required).
BANG! Web Site Design Support
BANG! provides email and website support to our business clients in the Phoenix, AZ market. We do not provide support to anyone other than our clients.

Support includes help with email including delivery issues, spam filtering, device setup for supported devices which includes Outlook, Thunderbird and the SmarterMail web interface. Support for setup of phones will generally be billed as it's a challenge trying to talk through issues remotely with someone's phone as compared to a Zoom screen sharing session where we can see your screen and we can generally solve issues pretty quickly.

Website support usually involves updates to your site and we encourage our client's to submit support tickets for those updates. If you need a refresher course in how to make your own edits we'll handle that via Zoom as well. That training will include tasks such as...
  • Editing content on an existing page
  • Uploading images to the site, cropping, resizing and positioning them on the page
  • Adding new pages to the site
  • How to make the most of our blog system including adding new posts and images to them
  • E-news system training on how to send regular updates to your client's by sending once and having it delivered to all of your customers at once. It's a real timesaver and a great way to stay in touch.

Roughly a third of our clients let us make all their edits, another third, make edits themselves, and the last third sadly never touch their website. That's a recipe for poor rankings in Google's search results as they really don't like to rank websites very highly that have been abandoned. Need some help with your rankings? Our Phoenix SEO Services can help.

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