We don't like to play favorites among clients, but if not "the best", these are certainly some of our favorite Website designs. From the layout and typography to the color and imagery, these projects stand out. Clicking on the images below will open a new tab to view the live website.
This was a fun project for a Scottsdale Auto Broker. Lots of great imagery and custom website development to program that Chat Now! function.

Carsultants is also an SEO client and we've seen huge improvements in the sites ranking after the redesign went live. Hope to have you in the #1 spot soon Brian...

It's easy to make a beautiful website when you've got great product images to work with. Such was the case with the Southwest Window Fashions website.

You'll note we used their photos full screen on the homepage slideshow to showcase their beautiful and wide variety of window coverings.

Built for expansion, it's easy to add new types of draperies as time and budget allows.

A long time client of BANG!, Compass Cleaning Solutions provides commercial cleaning services to Phoenix businesses. This is their 2nd site redesign and one of three sites we manage for them. We rolled this on out on our latest platform. Benefit to the client? Site loads in half the time it used to and scores an A on Google's Core Vitals tests. This showed a nearly immediate increase in the sites rankings in the search results.

Compass Cleaning Solutions is also an SEO client and we work every month to keep pushing them higher in the search results.

Arizona Hardwood Floor and Supply is the Phoenix Hardwood Floors specialist. With multiple retail locations and a dedicated installation crew they provide both residential and commercial hardwood flooring including sports courts such as the Grand Canyon University basketball floor.

AZWood.com is on it's 3rd redesign and is one of our most highly ranked SEO clients with more than two dozen keyword phrases on page one of Google's results.

Their gorgeous flooring makes it easy to create a beautiful website.

Handyman Solution in Phoenix provides a wide variety of handyman services including general carpentry, deck work, painting, stucco and drywall repair, to kitchen remodeling.

Our goal with the website was to create a clean site that very quickly visually represented the type of work they do to homepage visitors. While not a monthly SEO client, our initial keyword research, structuring of the site and copywriting drives plenty of targeted traffic from Valley homeowners that need help with a repair.

While this site uses an older framework and layout, we are still quite proud of the site as it achieved our, and more importantly, the client's goals.

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