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Nonprofit website design has a different focus than a typical for profit web design. Generally the emphasis is on donations, community engagement and the solicitation of volunteers. Not only are these calls to action different, but the management of the site needs to be extremely simple as the high turnover in staff necessitate that the learning curve for any of the website administration tasks needs to be easy. Take a look at the non profit websites built by BANG! to see some of the unique solutions, creative designs and ease of use come together as a successful nonprofit website.
Balm of Gilead International Ministry came to BANG! to design a website that would not only provide information to their donors, but accept those donations as well.

We responded with a website that showcases their outreach and accepts donations through two different methods.

Using our CMS (Content Management System), updates to the website can be made by their staff with nothing more than a web browser, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the help of a web designer.


Non-Profit Website for
Probably the "cutest" website design we've done. This Arizona not-for-profit came to us when managing their existing website became a challenge. We responded with a clean and simple site that was easy to manage through our Content Management System. Adding and editing pages in the site became point and click simple for them. Of course when questions did arise our support department was quick with help and solutions.

Primary goal for this website is driving traffic to the Service Arizona Website allowing pet lovers across the state to order their pet plate, helping fund the statewide spay and nueter program.
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