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BANG! has extensive experience in building websites for the firearms industry. From gun and holster manufacturers, to distributors, dealers and ranges, we know how to increase your sales.

We've found that many Web designers don't understand your business or are outright afraid of the industry. Not so at BANG!. The company founder is a past FFL holder, an NRA Certified Instructor, and has years of experience with firearms.

Take a look at the sites below for samples of our work in the Firearms Industry...
MGE Wholesale is a national distributor of firearms, ammo and accessories. MGE chose BANG! to develop their eCommerce site which provides firearms dealers, their customers, with products, pricing and availability.

Availability is a challenge in the industry and we accept a feed from their point-of-sale system every 15 minutes to update the website show inventory is always up to date.

Site balances the needs of prospective customers who are only offered basic information and access to an application to become a customer, and existing dealers who are already customers after a password protected login.

With thousands and thousands of site visitors every day, our hosting of the site works to their advantage as well as our uptime of the site has been over 99.999% for years.

Simply Rugged is a holster and leather accessory manufacturer that provides semi-custom holsters to firearms enthusiasts. 

Our eCommerce solution provides browsing of holster styles, the ability to confirm the selected holster is available to fit your firearm, and then to add customization options and complete the purchase.

Simply Rugged has been a BANG! customer since 2011.

If you are a firearm manufacturer, accessory manufacturer, gun dealer or range, wouldn't you like to work with someone who understands your industry and doesn't fear you? Schedule a Free Consult with BANG! by clicking the button below and we'll treat you with respect.
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