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  • WordPress (Lack of) Security by BANG! Website Design
    01/08/2022... Many think the WordPress platform for website design is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    A look at their long history of security issues reveals a different story.

    A story web designers and business owners should pay attention to.
  • Ghost Story: Hackers Steal Credit Card Data by BANG! Website Design
    10/27/2015... Most Halloween Ghost Stories are fictitious. This one is not. It's a scary reminder that you don't have to be Home Depot or Target to fall victim to hackers. Streets of New York, headquartered in Phoenix came to us in June to have us redesign their website. Unfortunately before their new site went live they became a victim of Team-Ghost's (told you it was a ghost story!) hackers who stole credit card data from their old website's database.
  • Beware of the .zip attachment! by BANG! Website Design
    10/09/2015... Zip files are great when used for their intended purposes. Hackers though use that .zip file to sneak their viruses past anti-virus software. Here's what you need to know to keep you and your computer safe.

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