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Responsive Web Design Examples

From simple sites to eCommerce solutions, RWD (Responsive Web Design) makes your site look great regardless of the mobile or desktop device viewing it. Below we've got 3 examples of responsive web design. The first is a full width image site, the second a 3 column approach, and the last is an eCommerce site with a slider for the homepage images. Click on the company name to view the site in a new tab within your browser.

The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes

Responsive Web Design Example #1

Big images make a great first impression on site visitors. Using RWD we can scale those images down to the appropriate size on tablets and phones as well. Our latest CMS (Content Management System) gives our client the ability to manage everything from that homepage slideshow to the school schedules even with responsive web design. A beautiful and functional site optimized for desktop and mobile.

On the left, typical look while on a desktop or horizontally held tablet. Right, typical rendering on Smartphone.

CES Property Management and Realty

Responsive Web Design Example #2

This site shows a little more typical 3 column look along with a right hand sidebar. When collapsed into a Smartphone size width, it converts to a single column, easily viewed by scrolling vertically. Note the collapsed menu and removal of the header image.

On the left, typical look while on a desktop or horizontally held tablet. Right, typical rendering on Smartphone.

Household Essentials

Responsive Web Design Example #3

Responsive Web Design works well for eCommerce sites too. This desktop site uses typical slider images above 4 static category images. When collapsed to Smartphone size, the slider continues to function while a vertical scroll reveals all of the category images. Note the prominent positioning of search and social media icons in both versions.

On the left, typical look while on a desktop or horizontally held tablet. Right, typical rendering on Smartphone.

There you have it! 3 Great examples of Responsive Web Design. Now, how about your site? Ready for that redesign so you can put RWD to work for you? Just contact us at 602-427-5626 ext 1 for sales or fill out the contact form below.

Responsive Web Design Examples by BANG! Contact Us today.

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  • "My Web presence is AWESOME

    Just had to let you know. This past week I have received 2 requests I never would have thought possible.

    1. Someone from Boston found me on the web and wants me to do some monogramming for her on pillows.
    2. Someone serving in the middle East contacted me.  She'll be home just before Halloween and wants me to do some lettering on her costume for her.  She lives here in Tampa. This was just too cool! 

    Thank you so much.  Your strategy for writing the pages really works!!!!

    PS  I'm also receiving regularly requests from the local area, but these 2 were too much for me.

    PSS Just got another inquiry from Minnesota!

    You worked efficiently, quickly and responded to all my questions. I was especially concerned about loading up product on my store and being able to maintain the site myself. The administrative part of the site is very user friendly. Again, my questions were answered immediately – and correctly." - Sue Urbach, Embroidered Pelican

    Web site design for Embroidered Pelican

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