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Posts for July 2015

  • Why Do You Want A Website? by Brian Rideout
    07/31/2015... Why Do You Want A Website? I often get strange looks from prospective client's or long pauses of silence when I ask this question on a phone call. The truth is I really want to know. The answer to that question helps me to understand your expectations and learn what your ultimate goal for the site is.
  • 5 Reasons Your Small Business Website Sucks and How to Fix It by Brian Rideout
    07/24/2015... As a small business owner, your website should be extremely important to you from the perspective of how it brings business to your company. Your website is the key to getting found on Web searches, and if you fail at your website you also miss all the opportunities for free marketing that you get simply from ranking on the first page of Google's search results. Building a website may seem like it is easy, but there are a lot of fine little details that are critical to its success. Think of your website visitors as someone walking into your store for the first time. If they walk in and see everything is a mess or it is otherwise visually unappealing, they will walk out as quickly as they came in.
  • Hot Temps Can Lead to Cool Website Results by Brian Rideout
    07/17/2015... Wow is it hot outside! With such record-breaking temperatures, it is hard to imagine doing anything but sitting inside with the air conditioner cranked up. Why not take advantage of the current heat wave, and make some needed updates to your website before you hit the pool?
  • Website Analytics - Knowledge is Power by Brian Rideout
    07/10/2015... By carefully reviewing your website analytics report, you can learn what parts of your site are of most interest to your site visitors, what path they take through the pages, and which pages have little traffic and could be replaced with content of interest to your site visitors. Bounce rate as well as time on site, and time on specific pages also yields valuable information.
  • Give Your Website the Gas! by Brian Rideout
    07/03/2015... A shiny new website is great, adding a tank full of SEO is what's going to make it Go! The Internet is made up of millions of websites that are all competing for the attention of your readers. The difference between a website that draws visitors in and the one that sits by idly, waiting to be discovered, is the amount of emphasis that search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others place on it. This is why SEO is so important to your online brand.