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Posts for October 2015

  • Ghost Story: Hackers Steal Credit Card Data by Brian Rideout
    10/27/2015... Most Halloween Ghost Stories are fictitious. This one is not. It's a scary reminder that you don't have to be Home Depot or Target to fall victim to hackers. Streets of New York, headquartered in Phoenix came to us in June to have us redesign their website. Unfortunately before their new site went live they became a victim of Team-Ghost's (told you it was a ghost story!) hackers who stole credit card data from their old website's database.
  • Why Responsive Web Design is More Important than Ever by Brian Rideout
    10/23/2015... Responsive Web Design replaces Desktop + Mobile sites, and provides a simpler site for our client's and reaches more customers. Win-Win!
  • WordPress (Lack of) Security by Brian Rideout
    10/16/2015... Many think the WordPress platform is the greatest thing since sliced bread. A look at their security issues reveals a different story.
  • Beware of the .zip attachment! by Brian Rideout
    10/09/2015... Zip files are great when used for their intended purposes. Hackers though use that .zip file to sneak their viruses past anti-virus software. Here's what you need to know to keep you and your computer safe.
  • Responsive Website Design - A Necessity for a Profitable E-Commerce Website by Brian Rideout
    10/02/2015... If your website is not mobile friendly for phones and tablets, then I promise you that you are losing potential customers and bleeding money every hour of every day. Not to mention, that your website is being penalized by Google in the search engine rankings for not being mobile friendly, typically by using responsive web design, since April 2015.
  • Bingbot Search Engine Bot Posing as an iPhone? by Brian Rideout
    10/02/2015... Bingbot posing as an iPhone? Never thought I'd see the day that the Microsoft Search Engine Bing would pose as an iPhone. Read on to find out why...