eCommerce Changing Our Buying Habits

by Brian Rideout • December 09, 2014

Cyber Monday set a record for online eCommerce sales of $2.68 billion in one day! On the flip side spending on Black Friday was down from last year which may be a sign that the purchasing habits of consumers may be drifting into virtual reality vs. physical. This continues the trend over the last several years of eCommerce sales rising, brick and mortar stagnant or declining.

According to the New York Times Americans may be tiring of the Black Friday insanity as sales through the Thanksgiving holiday fell 11% from last year to $50.9 billion. Perhaps it’s time for businesses to re-evaluate the value of their eCommerce site or consider adding one to their sales arsenal.

Ecommerce sites such as ebay and Amazon long ago discovered the value of a virtual online store via an eCommerce site. More recently stores such as Target®, Walmart® and Meijer® joined the eCommerce band wagon and they have been reaping the benefits of both a physical brick and mortar store as well as a virtual one.

I’m sure that most businesses with an online stores would agree that one of the most powerful components of their eCommerce site is the empowerment it provides to customers. Customers can shop whenever they want, wherever they want and with such a  convenience, it has the potential to gain customer loyalty. In short eCommerce sites just makes good business sense.

In the end should all brick and mortar stores just close their doors and bet solely on an eCommerce site? I don’t think so, but they should be paying attention to which way the "eWind" is blowing.

If you'd like a little more detail on our eCommerce solutions take a look at this page on our Phoenix site where we feature our latest eCommerce project for Household Essentials. They are the 12th largest Amazon reseller and we are proud they chose BANG! for their eCommerce efforts. In particular the filtering down and refining the search results system we built is really top notch. If you'd like to discuss an eCommerce Shopping Cart system for your site you can Contact Us here.

About the Author

Brian Rideout, Chief Pixel Pusher of BANG! Web Site Design is an industry veteran (sounds better than old guy right?) who started building websites in 1996 when dial-up, modems, Netscape and 640 x 480 resolution monitors with 256 colors were state of the art. We very quickly adopted ColdFusion as our application server and developed CMS (Content Management Systems) powered sites for our clients so they could update their own websites easily without having to pay a web designer to do so.

We stumbled into SEO by "accident" when we got a client ranked #2 on Yahoo (remember this was the 90's) for an extremely competitive keyword phrase and they sold out of all the product they had. With a little reverse engineering we learned what Yahoo was looking for and applied our new found SEO experience to other clients and then to Google... which was a tougher nut to crack by the way.

Times changed, Google became the dominant search engine, Adobe bought ColdFusion and we switched to Lucee for our application server which is an open source CFML language server, and we continued to build websites for small business's in the Phoenix market. Brian's approach of SEO 1st Design has resulted in many businesses, particularly in the building trades such as contractors and plumbers, as well as law firms, to rank at the top of Google's results which keeps our customers happy, healthy, and profitable (you thought I was going to say wise didn't you?).

We continue to provide website design, website development, hosting, SEO services and digital marketing for Phoenix companies. More information about the company can be found on our About Us page. Click the following link for examples of our award winning website design work.

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