Why Responsive Web Design is More Important than Ever

by BANG! Website Design • October 23, 2015

It was not long ago that on-line business owners and entrepreneurs were being told that the rise in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets would require them to create secondary websites that were designed specifically to handle the limited computer and viewing capacities of these devices. This meant that the predominant wisdom was having two separate sites, a main one that worked with laptops and traditional computers and a rather stripped down version that was designed for smartphones and tablets. 

However, that reasoning has changed dramatically in the past few years as mobile devices have now become more prominent in web searches than traditional computers and laptops. In fact, smartphones and tablets are now used over 50% of the time by consumers when accessing retail sites. There are some retailers who are reporting nearly 60% of their consumer access is being done only by mobile devices. 

What is Responsive Website Design?

Essentially, this is a website design that responds to the different devices that are used to access the site itself. This means that whether the website is being viewed on a small smartphone screen up to a large computer screen, the website will adjust so that it can be viewed properly under all circumstances. 

This means that only a single website is needed to handle both mobile devices and traditional computers along with laptops. It's little wonder that many small online business owners, entrepreneurs and larger companies are now trying to do a website redesign to shed their old mobile websites and move towards a singular representation on the web. 

Why Choose BANG! in Phoenix, AZ for your Responsive Website Designer?

There are a number of reasons why having a responsive website design works for your on-line business. However, it will take a responsive website designer talented in creating this particular type of site that will help your business cope with this new trend of consumer internet searches. Especially when it comes to responsive E-commerce sites, it takes some extra talent and experience (which BANG! has) to deliver a smooth checkout process when your customers are working from their phone.

As a recap, here's Three great reasons to go responsive with your Web design...

  1. Simplicity: Arguably the best reason to choose a responsive website design is to simplify what your online business is presenting on the web. Having two separate sites is more difficult to keep up with and may cause a little confusion with your customers. A singular site reduces the burden on you and clarifies matters for those who visit your site.
  2. Focus: Now, you can put all of your efforts into updating a single website so that you can keep up with the latest trends and set your site apart from the rest. 
  3. Reach More Customers: With more customers going to mobile devices, your new web design is in a better position to impress and catch them as they surf the web. This also means that you can incorporate all of your social media and other efforts into a single site that better serves your customers. 

In the end, getting a responsive website redesign helps you focus your efforts in reaching customers who use mobile devices while still retaining those who stay with laptops and traditional computers. For entrepreneurs, small online and retail business owners in the Phoenix, AZ area, a responsive website represents greater opportunities to grow your company. 

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