Website Design Concept For Phoenix Ignition Fitness

by BANG! Website Design • July 08, 2016

This is a recent Website Design Concept produced for Phoenix Ignition Fitness. A fun and highly visual project with some interesting CSS moves.

Website Design Concept for Phoenix Ignition Fitness

This image is of a website design concept for a new Scottsdale based personal training company. We went through our usual process of learning about the company, what differentiates them in the market, and exploring what kind of image they wanted to portray. Our web development process resulted in the image above that has a great bold feel to the header using their logo colors, but our featured slide show image showcases the clientele they wish to attract which is a slightly older audience than many personal trainers.

The CSS trick I learned during the design was putting a negative number in a  transform: translateY(-20px);. This little trick pushed the logo up into the container above and lined the logo up nicely with the color transition from dark grey to black.

We look forward to moving from design concept to finished website for Phoenix Ignition Fitness Corporation very soon. Need a new website for your company? Give us a call at 602-427-5626 and press extension 1 for sales, or hit our Request For Quote form.

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