SEO Shouldn't Be Sold Like Snake Oil

by BANG! Website Design • January 29, 2016

SEO Shouldn't Be Sold Like Snake OilSEO techniques, strategy and results shouldn't be sold like snake oil. A professional SEO company will deliver clear documented results with transparency into the activities being performed. 

I can't tell you how many client's we talk to that were promised the moon by a fast talking SEO salesman, only to be disappointed in the results including what work was even performed!

Many SEO companies want you to think it's a black box that no one can see into and that you just have to trust them. "We're working hard for you!", "It's working, just give it a little more time!", "You wouldn't understand if we explained it to you!". Sound familiar? If it does I'm terribly sorry but you got conned by a snake oil SEO salesman.

Instead of promises, BANG! delivers transparency into the tasks performed via weekly reporting. You'll see clearly what we've been doing to improve your rankings. More importantly and where the rubber hits the road, you'll see where your site ranked for each keyword phrase when we started, and where it's ranked today and the last 4 weeks. You'll see if your rankings have gone up, or down, or stayed the same. Obviously our goal is moving your rankings up and increasing the number of prospective client's or customers who are now given the opportunity to select your site in the search rankings. We provide clear documentation of the results as shown below.

SEO Search Rankings Report

SEO Search Rankings Report

If you are ready for a professional SEO services provided by an SEO company using only white hat SEO techniques, contact us today to see how up front and honest we are with our client's, their expectations, and the results we can provide. Until then, beware of the Snake Oil SEO Salesman!

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