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by Brian Rideout • December 20, 2021

Website Redesign for Edward J. White "Turns Up The Heat"

A long time client, Edward J. White was ready for a fresh new look for their site. Their preferred equipment manufacturer was even willing to provide them some dollars to feature their brand on the site and we delivered featuring a furnace cabinet prominently on the homepage so site visitors instantly knew they were in the right place.

New Website for Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractor

Using our latest platform, the site has new capabilities for laying out the web pages and features a nice "hero" image on each page, visually connecting with site visitors that they will find the information they are looking for.

We also rewrote several pages of copy on the site that quickly improved their search rankings. As an example, for the keyword phrase...
  • Heating Contractors they went from ranking 15th to #1
  • Boiler Repair they moved from 100+ to #1
  • Plumbing Services from 27th to 11th

Redesigning a website, with a focus on SEO during the process generally yields improved rankings and increased traffic.

Clean and Simple Website Design for Worry-Free Bookkeeping

Our client, a bookkeeper in the Phoenix area, recently started her own business and wanted an online presence to lend credibility and validity to her new business venture. We responded with a clean look using her brand colors. Using Responsive Web Design techniques we optimized the site for both desktop and mobile traffic.

New Website Design for a Bookkeeper

One of the unique things we did during the design was provide not only text references to the types of customers she works with, but visual cues as well as shown in the 2nd image below. Attorney's, building trades, landscapers, and chiropractic offices are just a few of the industries she serves.

New Website Design for a Bookkeeper

Welcome Back Loves Garage Doors

Loves Garage Doors left BANG! when another company promised them better results. When those results didn't happen they came back and we put together an awesome new website and restarted their monthly SEO campaign.

Loves Garage Doors Returned & Web Built an Awesome New Website For Them


Emergency Website Redesign

ET Products came to us with an urgent need to redesign their website. Their insurance company was refusing to issue their policy with their old insecure website. BANG! to the rescue with a fresh look on a secure platform. We launched in a hurry to make their insurance company happy and plan to add more content over time.

ET Products New Website Design


New Butcher Shoppe & Delicatessen Launches New Website with BANG!

St. Clair's came to us after their first web designer couldn't seem to deliver. We responded quickly with keyword research and then a design concept which they loved. Since the store was opening soon we jumped in and got the site up and running quickly and we continue to add additional pages and features as their time allows.

Website for new Butcher Shop, St. Clair's Butcher Shoppe and Delicatessen

One of the features we are using extensively on the site is our scheduled announcements which allow them to post specials on the site timed to appear and disappear based on the dates of the special. For a retail store this has proven to be a great feature.

Do you want a new website in 2022?

If your goals in the new year include increasing your sales, give us a call. We get that a website is just a tool to gain new business and we won't lose site of that fact. 

We have a proven track record of designing websites that not only rank well on Google, but then convert site visitors into customers. Isn't that why you wanted a website to begin with. Give us a call today at 602-427-5626 and let's discuss turning your website into a lead generation machine!

About the Author

Brian Rideout, Chief Pixel Pusher of BANG! Web Site Design is an industry veteran (sounds better than old guy right?) who started building websites in 1996 when dial-up, modems, Netscape, and 640 x 480 resolution monitors with 256 colors were state of the art. We very quickly adopted ColdFusion as our application server. We developed CMS (Content Management Systems) powered sites for our clients so they could update their own websites easily without having to pay a web designer to do so.

Times changed, Google became the dominant search engine, Adobe bought ColdFusion, and we switched to Lucee for our application server, which is an open-source CFML language server. We continued to build websites for small businesses in the Phoenix market. Brian's approach of SEO 1st Design has resulted in many businesses, particularly in the building trades such as contractors and plumbers, as well as law firms, ranking at the top of Google's results which keeps our customers healthy, wealthy, and profitable (you thought I was going to say wise didn't you? Ben Franklin's quote).

We continue to provide website design, website development, hosting, SEO services and digital marketing for Phoenix companies. More information about the company can be found on our About Us page. Click the following link for examples of our award winning website design work.

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