The Importance of Great SEO Website Design & Ranking on the Major Search Engines

by BANG! Website Design • September 25, 2015

Great Website Design & SEO Delivers Measurable Results!The basic objective of every Phoenix company that wants to do business on the Internet is to rank their website on the first page of the search engine results. When we say search engines, we usually think about Google, or a few other search engines, because they have the largest market share. According to the latest statistics, about 67% of the online search queries go through Google. Bing has 19%, Yahoo 10%, Ask 2% and AOL 1.3%. There are many factors, known and suspected, that contribute to the ranking of every website on the search engines, but the foundation of all effective website design begins with a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) foundation. Unfortunately, many website designers are not up to speed, and do not understand SEO.

A great website design is more than just a pleasant visual experience for the visitors. The visual appearance of your website has no bearing with search engines when it comes to ranking your website. In fact, many beautiful websites struggle to get visitors, and to get ranked. So, how exactly can SEO website design help your efforts to rank higher?

A great website design incorporates SEO as a foundational building block, and is responsive to any device that can access the internet. The site is structured well with short and keyword rich folder and filenames. Great website design will allow visitors to have an awesome user experience on your website, and will dramatically improve your ranking in the search engines. The visitors to your website will not have to wait for the pages of your website to load, and they can navigate through your website easily. This means that visitors to your website will stay longer, and convert into customers more frequently. All of this activity sends a signal to the major search engines that your website is relevant and useful to your visitors, and your website will receive a higher rank in the search engine results. Google actually measures how long you stay at a site before hitting the back button and choosing another site in the search results.

If you are starting a new website, or you realize your existing website needs a redesign, you need to contact BANG! Web Site Design. Our Phoenix Web designers will design an SEO-friendly website that will help you improve your lead generation and sales in a short period of time. For existing site owners, we even guarantee your success! We know how and where to place all the necessary elements that are critical to the SEO process. We follow the latest Google approved trends in design and use white hat SEO techniques exclusively. We can help grow your business to the next level by creating or updating your website for you - reach out to us for a free website audit, and we will show you how we can help.  

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