Anchor Dog Tool E-commerce Website Goes Live

by BANG! Website Design • November 20, 2015

Anchor Dog Tool's new E-commerce Site went live with a simple, effective and secure, order form based ordering process.

Contractor Bob Langdon created a solution to a common problem, the setting of wedge anchors in concrete. The conventional way of setting wedge anchors with a hammer and ratchet is time consuming and there is always the potential of damaging the nuts, ruining the threads or bending the anchor. With the Anchor Dog driver you can drive the wedge anchor in and tighten the nut using one tool thus providing a quick, safe and easy way to set wedge anchors.

Bob also found a solution for his E-commerce needs when he hired BANG! We provided a simple order form based system on his site that allows customers to choose from 4 product sizes, choose their quantity, and then checkout in a typical fashion using their credit card. This was a quick and cost effective solution for Anchor Dog's on-line sales. If you visit the site you'll also note that we've used an SSL certificate for every page in the site. Google is giving a slight boost in rankings for sites that keep it secure from start to finish.

Anchor Dog Tool - E-commerce Website Design

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