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Website Redesigns

How is it that as consumers we instinctively know when to buy a new car, but as business owners we aren’t quite sure if we need a website redesign? In both instances paying attention to the changes in technology should play a large role in our decision making, after all who doesn’t consider improved safety features, advanced fuel efficiency and enhanced communication gadgets when selecting a new car?

A New Car! or Website Redesign

We instinctively know when to buy a new car, what are your instincts telling you about a website redesign?

At BANG! we understand that there are no hard & fast rules for knowing how often to redesign your website, however, we have compiled a list of questions that may help you determine if a website redesign is the right move for your business.

  • Is your site generating leads (lead generation sites) or closing sales (eCommerce sites)?
  • How well does it rank on search engines for your critical keyword phrases?
  • Does your site make your company look new and progressive, or does it say old and out of date?
  • Is your site optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?
  • Are visitors able to easily navigate your site to find exactly what they are looking for?
  • Has your site been upgraded to current Web standards within the last two years?

If you can’t answer YES! to these questions, it’s time for a Web site redesign by BANG!. Since 1996 we have been redesigning websites and we also host them right here in Phoenix. The list above is just a few of the benefits a website redesign offers.

A Website Redesign Presents Additional Challenges

From the typical concerns of the new design for your site, to ease of navigation and of course search engine optimization, a redesign presents additional challenges. For example, how will your redesigned site handle customers who have a bookmark for your site? What will search engines see when they return to index your site again?

If it’s handled wrong, both will receive the business destroying 404 Error Page...

Web Site Redesign - Unintended results can occur...

If your website visitors were to receive a 404 error page when they try to load a bookmarked page, do you think they would use Google to find more information? Not likely! At BANG! we don’t  treat precious website visitors that way. Instead we seamlessly redirect visitors to the correct new page.

Search engines should receive a 301 redirect that tells them the page has been permanently moved and provides them a path to the new page to index. This passes accumulated page rank and passes it to the new page. If all else fails, a custom 404 page that lets the site visitor know they didn’t do anything wrong and provides a clear navigation path to what they are looking for should be provided. Are these redirects and 404 pages easy? Yes! More often than not though during a website redesign process, the Web designer drops the ball and leaves your prospects and customers high and dry.

Don’t let Amateur Web designers handle your website redesign, leave it to the professional Web designers at BANG!. From small businesses to large, Attorneys to Caterers, Contractors to Schools we deliver Measurable Results... Guaranteed! Click here to get the process started!

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or Call Us At: 1-602-427-5626


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Montessori Academy shares their experience

  • It is thrilling to see TMA's live website! It is wonderful to see it in all its colorful glory. It is so satisfying to finally tell the whole story of the school and all its amazing educational opportunities. It is truly a classic, beautiful and cheerful website! Thank you so much!
    In appreciation - Jill

    The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes

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