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Phoenix Web Development by BANG!

Websites today are often complex on-line applications that require a programming and development mindset. Selling products? Site visitors expect to buy directly from the site. Hosting an event? Site visitors want the ability to register and pay on-line, if there are tickets involved, they want to download that ticket right now.

Website development examples

Working with an experienced Web developer like BANG! can result in significant gains in efficiency and time. For example...

Monteith TireInventory Control & Scheduling: Monteith Tire has six retail locations where they install tires on customer's cars. They offer on-line purchasing of those tires and scheduling for installation. To allow current inventory and pricing in an automated fashion, the Point of Sale system at Monteith communicates nightly with our Web servers and updates current inventory levels per location, as well as the price of the tires. Customer can then browse available inventory at the location of their choice, purchase the tires and schedule installation at their convenience.

QuickBooks Integration: Another client has asked us to integrate their inventory levels and pricing with QuickBoooks Enterprise accounting software. A daily export from QuickBooks will be automatically uploaded to our servers to update which products are available as well as current prices of those items. Managing inventory and pricing is easy when you've got a dozen products, but when your products number in the tens of thousands, automation is the only way to go.

Casper's CoinsAutomated Price Changes: Casper's Coins is a raw gold and silver seller along with collectible coins. As you are probably aware, gold and silver prices fluctuate frequently. His previous site required manual changes to the pricing, a losing proposition for the client as he could spend all day updating his site. Our solution was to subscribe to a feed from the metals industry that provides the current price of gold and silver. We then update the prices every 15 minutes automatically without our client's assistance. This ensures he is always selling at the right price... never to high, losing out on sales opportunities, never to low, selling at a loss.

On-line Distribution of Data: Southlawn Cemetery at one time had only paper records of who was buried where in the cemetery. We built them an on-line system that allowed them to search by name, pin point the location of the grave, as well as providing this information to the general public freeing up there time and making it more convenient for families in search of their relatives.

Web development services like these have helped many of our client's save time, run their businesses more efficiently and increase sales. What can we do to help you? Please visit our Request for Web Development Quote page to let us know.

BANG! Web Site Design in Phoenix AZ provides Web development services to companies large and small.


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Our website is SPECTACULAR!

  • Our website is now up and we must say that it is SPECTACULAR! The site is very modern, easy to navigate, user and mobile device friendly and more than we could ever want. The amazing part is during the first week our site went live, we actually had a prospect contact us. This is the first time in more than 3 years of having our old site! WOW! Impressive!

    I must say that BANG! Web Site Design delivers on their promises and then some. The old adage, you get what you pay for is relevant in our case. If you don't believe me, check out our site
    You will see what a thorough and professional job that they did.

    Phoenix Web Design by BANG!

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