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Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce SolutionsEcommerce solutions by BANG! deliver relief from the unique challenges an ecommerce website presents. Issues such as taxes, shipping, order tracking and even how to get paid can be gotchas for some companies. We can solve those challenges with a custom shopping cart system that works!

Sales > 24/7/365

Ask yourself this simple question, how much would sales increase if you took orders 24 hours a day, 365 days per year? Our ecommerce websites give customers the ability to shop anytime from anywhere and both your local customers and customers from around the world can purchase at their convenience, even while you sleep.

Shopping Cart Systems are at the core of any ecommerce solution

Our shopping cart system provides convenience, both for your customers and you. It provides the capability for your customer to view your products, add multiple products (or services) to the cart, and then securely checkout, paying with a credit card, PayPal, an eCheck or even 3rd party solutions provided by Google or Amazon. The shopping cart also takes care of calculating shipping costs based on the customers location and your shipping point (whether that's your location, a drop shipper or a warehouse) by calculating the cost to ship the items, either by cost per item, per order or by weight, using UPS, FedEx or USPS carriers. We've even built ecommerce solutions that provide for in store pickup options or local delivery.

One of our latest projects for one of the largest Amazon sellers even provides the same "Refine Search" functions as ecommerce websites that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Ecommerce Solution with Refine Search Capability 

Ecommerce shopping cart systems by BANG! make the daily management of your "store" (think adding new products, coupons, and order management) easy. Adding products, editing descriptions, price adjustments, deleting or even temporarily removing an item from the site is a mouse click or two. Inventory control, managing shipping costs, adjusting sales tax rates, or offering discounts for your special customers... it's all point-and-click simple.

Ecommerce Solutions by BANG! - Editing A Product

Order Form based Ecommerce Web Design Projects

Of course sometimes a full blown shopping cart system is overkill. A recent project for Anchor Dog Tool called for a scaled down system as they really have just 1 product in 4 sizes. Our solution for them was an order form where site visitors could choose size and quantity, and then run them through a checkout process. Quick and simple for customers, less expensive for our client's E-commerce solution.

Anchor Dog Tool - Order Form Based E-commerce Solution

Custom Ecommerce Web Design

E-commerce solutions and shopping cart systems by BANG! are customized to meet your needs. Custom shipping tables, coupons or discounts, wholesale customer logins... nearly anything is possible. Our clients have asked us to integrate with their Point of Sale systems, QuickBooks, even advanced ERP systems. For one client we've even automated the re-pricing of his products every 15 minutes based on the price of precious metals.

For the personalized luggage stickers site shown below we allowed for both the ability to upload a personal image by the customer but to also customize a line of text. If you can dream up the feature for your e-commerce site, we can build it!

Personalized Luggage Stickers by

Why Choose BANG! For Your Ecommerce Platform?

Because custom ecommerce Web design is our specialty!

Success stories from our clients are plentiful. From Collectible Coins to Model Rocket Kits, we deliver ecommerce solutions for our clients. Here's just one testimonial...

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with our newly designed website. I know that it was a large undertaking to design a website shopping cart program that would accommodate over 25,000 SKU's in a professional and manageable way, but you did it! Chad was a pleasure to work with and any problems that did arise BANG! was fast to address and take care of. I only wish that we would have come to BANG! sooner!" - Dawn Metcalf - Midway Dental Solutions

Even the most well built ecommerce sites can only succeed when Google ranks the site well for your products keyword phrases. If your shopping cart doesn't provide built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functionality you won't achieve success. Many years of development have gone into our e-commerce system so sites rank well organically in the search results, avoiding potentially costly AdWord campaigns.

Don't risk choosing an ecommerce development company without our experience or attempting to do this yourself when BANG! has a proven track record of success with ecommerce Web site design and ecommerce solutions that generate results!

Are you ready for a Website With IMPACT! and Measurable Results Guaranteed?

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You Saved Us $5,000 a Year!

  • "I just want to tell you how impressed I am with our new website, your organization and with Chad your Project Manager. Every experience I have with your company has been top notch. I am so glad we found your company when looking for the "third estimate" to compare others against. - Matt Gacek, B&L Information Systems

    P.S. I am working on the events system you built and it looks like it is working perfectly. I sat down and figured out our savings for the events section alone and it will save us, between credit card fees and shoe leather, roughly $5,000 a year. That is huge!!!!" - Matt Gacek, B&L Information Systems

    Web site design for B&L Information Systems

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