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Custom Website Design - Phoenix, AZ

At BANG! Web Site Design you won’t find any templates on our websites and we won’t ask you to be responsible for your sites SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our professionally built custom website designs are just that, customized to fit the sales and marketing goals of your Phoenix business. In addition to a well-designed site we focus on search engine rankings for keyword phrases appropriate for your products and services and most importantly, we build sites that convert and close the sale.

Here is what one client said about his success…

Custom Website Design for Cater PhoenixBANG! took my DIY (Do It Yourself) template based Web site that was invisible to search engines and useless on mobile devices to a highly ranked lead generation machine! I've had days where the phone wouldn't stop ringing for wedding catering requests. All because of BANG!'s Guaranteed Measurable Results! – Dennis Frazier, Cater Phoenix


4 Reasons to Choose Custom Website Design

  • Custom Website Design Makes You Stand Out From Other Companies
  • 94% of Site Visitors Cite the Website Design as the Reason They Don’t Trust a Site
  • Avoiding Templates Raises Trust & Increases Conversions
  • Custom Web Programming & Automation Can Save You Hours Every Week

Here are two examples of custom website programming saving time and increasing sales.

Custom E-commerce Site for Simply Rugged HolstersSimply Rugged – Not only does our shopping cart system take their client’s orders 24/7, we also create a production order list for the shop letting them know what holsters to build.

We automated what used to take 2 hours a week to do by hand. What would you do with an extra 2 hours a week?

Custom Web Design Automation






Custom Website Design for Caspers Coins

Casper’s Coins – Selling raw gold and silver creates pricing challenges as the current market value changes constantly throughout the day. Our solution was to tap into a pricing feed for the industry and change the prices automatically every 15 minutes based on that feed. Not only did we take a tedious task off our client’s shoulders, we did it quicker and more accurately than they could ever hope to. This resulted in always having the right price on the site.

Custom website designs by BANG! are built to meet our Phoenix client’s expectations, with a look that stands out from the crowd. From the design, to custom programming and building the site using the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques, we have the experience and skill set to build sites that not only look great, but rank well on search engines like Google and Bing!. After all a professionally designed custom website serves no purpose if it cannot be found on the web.

From small businesses to large, attorneys to manufacturers our custom website design services fuel our Phoenix client’s sales efforts and we build our sites to fully utilize the power of the Internet. With over 1 billion websites and counting, we understand that it is more important than ever to have an attractive site that is easy for site visitors to find, provide the information that they are looking for and lead them to your desired call to action, all of which are critical to the success of the site.

Since 1996 we have been creating custom website designs that showcase our Phoenix client’s products and services. When combined with our step-by-step SEO process to achieve high search rankings, we deliver Measurable Results... Guaranteed!

Phoenix Custom Website Design by BANG! – Contact Us today.

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or Call Us At: 1-602-427-5626
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  • "My first online orders were from Florida – and Hawaii! Not bad for a long-time hometown establishment. Since those first days, I've seen an increase in sales both locally and nationally. She credits everyone on the team for helping her out. She especially points to Chad, who was always there to answer her questions. A self-professed “someone-who-doesn’t-know-anything-about-Websites,” I admit that I often call for the simplest reasons. Whenever I do, I'm given immediate help and when I request something new it is attended to quickly." - Mary Green, Wygant Floral

    Web site design for Wygant's Floral

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