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Best Web Designs by BANG!

We don't like to play favorites among clients, but these are our favorite Web designs. From the layout and typography to the color and imagery, these projects stand out.

Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Committee

Cutest Website -

This site qualifies as the "cutest" site we've ever done, but animal homelessness in Arizona is a serious problem and Arizona's Pet Friendly License Plate is an amazing “driving force" in the battle against pet homelessness.

Cater Phoenix

Best Web Designs for Catering Companies

Dennis Frazier the business owner and chef came to us with a site that had zero rankings on search egnines. A redesign showcased his elegant and tasty cuisine and shot him to page 1 of the search results resulting in frequent requests for his service.

If you are looking for amazing catering in Phoenix, look no further. Cater Phoenix is Arizona’s premiere full service catering company. Whether you are in need of Phoenix wedding catering, business lunch catering, or an intimate dinner for two Cater Phoenix will provide great and personalized service.

SouthWest Concrete Paving Company

Best Web Designs for Paving Contractors

A site for a concrete paving contractor with BIG bold images in a slideshow on the homepage. A project area allows them to cover in detail, current and past projects showcasing their abilities to site visitors. A plan room allows them to securely share blue prints and project documents with stakeholders. And as their website generates more projects for them to work on, they use their employment opportunities page to recruit more workers for boots on the ground paving the way in the SouthWest.

DXD Racing Clutches

Best Web Designs for Auto Parts Manufacturers

Do you like bold and colorful as a design style? This site for a racing clutches manufacturer may inspire you. We programmed in a convenient way for site visitors to determine which clutches fit their vehicles through a simple drop down selection process. Then married that to our shopping cart system. The result is a site with excitement that also puts dollars in our clients pocket everyday.

The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes

Best Web Designs for Montessori Schools

If really big images plus a site optimized for mobile is in your future be sure and check out The Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes site. Large images showcasing students learning and having fun dominate the homepage, but behind the scenes our CMS (Content Management System) allows the school staff to manage everything from that homepage slideshow to the athletics schedule. Our redesign gave the staff needed administrative access when their current webmaster was ready for retirement. The RWD (Responsive Web Design) technique allows parents to check on their children's schedule while on the go from their smartphones. A beautiful and functional design for a school website.



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Wana RV Achieves Success With BANG!

  • I'm a guy with a lot of ideas and I like to bounce those ideas off their team. They tweak my ideas, adjust the page or graphics, and it’s ready to go. In a good news/bad news scenario, the Web site proved almost too successful. I aggressively advertised a product on his site, garnered phenomenal national sales; however, the manufacturer thought that my low pricing was too aggressive and asked me to “tone down” my marketing because other dealers were complaining. I use that experience as an example of the power of the Internet as it relates to increased sales.

    I'm always getting compliments about my Web site. Others comment about how easy it is to read and the prices are right on the same page. They don’t have to do a lot of ‘clicking around’ to find the information they want. My Web site generates more sales than any other marketing venue. I also use radio, the Yellow Pages, television and newspaper, but I’m cutting back on those. The Web is my best tool and gives me the most sales. - Gary Miller, Wana RV & Engine Center

    Web site design for Wana RV

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